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Abria's Chase Foundation, Inc. - Post Office Box 1785

Henderson, North Carolina 27536-1785

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Ayana Lewis, mother of Abria and  Joshua, CEO and Founder of Abria’s Chase Foundation

The Abria’s Chase Foundation was the “call to action”, born out of tragedy. Two promising, loving and full of life children, Abria and Joshua, died in a fire that consumed their bedroom on November 9, 2009.

The fire was caused by a space heater that was assumed to be completely safe. Yet, it was not. This heater and its close proximity to a wall with a low heat tolerance, created an environment that made a horrific fire of this kind, inevitable.

The greater significance is that this circumstance and conditions are recreated thousands of times each year in the U.S. with the same devastating consequences.

The good news is that fires created by these conditions and other home fires can be prevented with proper education.

There are many simple and easy safety measures that we should know and implement to protect ourselves, our families and our homes.

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Abria’s Chase Foundation seeks to perform the function of educating the public to the fire prone conditions that exist in our own residence. Our outreach activity explains to communities throughout North Carolina the safety measures that can be implemented to eliminate the fire hazard conditions that threaten our families safety.  We have been able to accomplish this because of your kind and generous donations.

Your donation will go to support our community fire prevention, outreach and awareness activity. We partner with the local fire departments, locals schools and community groups to foster fire safety and awareness education. We also sponsor free seminars, give away free smoke alarms and fire prevention literature in the hope of reducing the incidence of preventable home fires.

Please Donate to Abria’s Chase Foundation. Your donation will allow us to provide greater additional community fire safety awareness through education and proper fire alarm installment and maintenance. An absolutely essential first step in preventing fires in the home.


Your generous donation to the Abria’s Chase Foundation - will save lives and create futures for the youth throughout our community.

Abria Lewis was a 12 year old, 7th Grader at Henderson Middle School in Vance County before her untimely death. She was filled with all the promise, excitement and anticipation of her years to come. Like so many other honor students, preparing for their entry into High School, her future was bright with unending possibilities.  In honor of Abria and Joshua’s life, the Abria's Chase Foundation also established a scholarship fund.  The scholarship is dedicated to assisting promising and motivated seniors reach the goal of attending College. Your donation will aid the creation of these college scholarship in honor of Abria and assist young people in creating the promising future that Abria and Chase will never realize.

Scholarship Fund